How to Clean a Vacuum Brush Attachment?

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The vacuum brush is the most important part of the vacuum cleaner and is something that is exposed maximum to the dirt and debris.

Hence, it is important to clean it up periodically so the brush bristles are able to engage the dirt and grime effectively. This is the anterior most part of the vacuum cleaner which is placed on the hose assembly. Here are a few pointers on how to effectively clean your vacuum brush assembly.

This will surely be a piece of work for most of you but this task needs to be done to ensure effective cleaning of the vacuum.

A lot depends on the vacuum cleaner you buy itself – as that would determine the type of vacuum brush you would be using.

EasyClean vacuum cleanerVacuum cleaners, for instance, come in various styles –

  • Canister
  • Stick
  • Backpack
  • Robotic
  • Handheld [Read this post on Clean the floor for handheld vacuum cleaners list]

According to your convenience, it is necessary to settle for a style and select a lightweight option which is at the same time compact.

There are also vacuum cleaners which operate in two modes – dry and wet mode. So before buying, understand which operation you would need more.

You need to make a choice that is value for money. The spending should reflect the added features which enable the user with a quicker and easier clean.

4 Easy Steps to Clean the Vacuum Brush Attachment

Here is how you can go about it. It’s a bit time consuming at first but it is really simple – and something that you can do yourself.

Step 1- Wash the brush
Disconnect the vacuum brush from the vacuum cleaner and dip it in a bucketful of soap and warm water solution. You need to either use a brush or your fingers to shake the dirt particles off the brush. You also need to reach inside the brush assembly to remove any particles accumulated there.

Step 2- Dry the brush

After washing the brush, use rags to wipe out the moisture. You need to pat dry them. And also, you need to repeatedly use the rags on the brush to remove every evidence of moisture from the brush assembly. After this is done, keep the vacuum brush out for some time so all the remaining moisture will evaporate.

The moisture needs to evaporate as the more wet the bristles, the more is the tendency for the bristles to adhere to dirt and debris particles. It also is a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Step 3- Sort the Bristles out.

While you keep the brush out for drying, you need to sort it bristles out using an old comb. This step will ensure that all the remaining hair, dust and debris are pushed out of the brush assembly.

This step needs to be repeated numerous times so as to ensure that the brush is free from all debris. This is a very cumbersome process and requires effort, but it is necessary to ensure that the brushes are free flowing and debris free.

Step 4 – Keep doing this till you get a clean, flawless brush

It is difficult to remove all particles from the brush assembly considering how much tangles it can get into, and how tenaciously some particles may adhere. But based on the frequency of your usage of vacuum, keep repeating the cleaning process till you get a good result.

Also, maintain a schedule for cleaning the brush assembly and make sure you do it as much as possible, at least one in three months is an average cleaning interval.

How Often Should You Clean The Vacuum Brush Attachment?

Understand that this is an important process of maintaining your vacuum cleaner and the brush being a prime part of the cleaning process has to be cleaned thoroughly so as to engage the dirt particles effectively, hence accomplish your cleaning tasks better.

Moreover, if you fail to do so, you will observe that the brush bristles will fail to attach the dirt and will instead spray it out thus making the cleaning process even more difficult.

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