How to Maintenance Lawn Mower The Right Way

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Lawn mower is one of the most used devices in your garden. Despite its usage and its benefits, it is often neglected due to its size and seemingly heavy-duty maintenance. The appliance is not taken care of unless some part of it breaks, or it stops running altogether.

To make sure your land mower blades a longer life and gives your grass smooth and clean cuts for various summers, here are a few tips on maintaining it better.

1. The Owner’s manual is your Best Friend
We often disregard the manual and believe that there isn’t much maintenance to such heavy-duty machinery. We often believe that it will be extremely difficult to take care of these things.

However, the owner’s manual becomes your best friend in this case. Not only does it contain the information about the appliance as a whole but it also includes various tips on taking care of it. Your mower can live for up to 15 years by just following the manual.

2. Clean the Undercarriage Every Week
The undercarriage of the land mower can get filled with grass and dirt. If the grass accumulates for a longer period of time, it can clog the discharge chute of the land mower and halt the grass cutting process.

In order to clean it regularly, you can use a wire brush to scrape the grass and the dirt from it and then later spray some water on it with a hose to clean it further. One needs to take precaution while doing this, and remove the spark plug before working to remove any fatal outcomes.

3. Replace the Old Oil
Old or contaminated oil can prove fatal for a land mower. It may lead to the mower not functioning properly or not starting altogether.

Therefore, it is crucial to change the oil in your mower regularly. You can easily drain out the oil by taking out the drain plug of the mower and then move on to change the oil for better usage.

4. Change Spark Plug Every Year
Just like its oil and air filters, the spark plug of the land mower should be changed every year to ensure an easy start for it.

All you have to do is unhook the spark plug, remove the old one with the help of a socket, and then install a new one. These things are very inexpensive and easy to replace and should keep your mower going for years.

5. Sharpen its Blades
A handy tip to keep land mower as good as new is to sharpen its blades at least twice every season. Dull blades lead to an uneven cut of the grass and hinders their ability to heal better from the wounds.

Therefore, you can unplug the blade, and sharpen it with the help of a file every season to keep your mower as good as new for ages.

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